Eleousa 2

When I started to take lessons in icon painting I was eager to practice, so I bought a second shelf to paint on. I practiced at home at both paintings. Every week I went to my teacher and he tought me the next step. And I finished it fast, so not to be bored I worked on two pieces.

Here you can see how different two of the same icons can be.

To me many of the icons have a kind of sad and serious expression on their face, which can be beautiful, but not always necessary. So I wanted to make them softer and friendlier. And you can see the difference between my first and second Eleousa.

After a while I’ve given this icon to a dear friend.

And he, some years later, gave it to a Catholic priest from Croatia. The man had been working here in The Netherlands for some years and meant a lot to my friend.

So now this icon lives somewhere in Sarajevo.

Working on my second Eleousa in class. This picture was made by a dear classmate.
Working on the last details in class
Eleousa 2 mother of tenderness
Finished in 2013

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