Original icons

Every icon has its own story. Click on the image when you want to read the story about HOW the icon started, HOW I made it, WHO is it and WHERE is the icon now.

Most of the text about WHO is on the icons I copied from other websites and I choose those websites random and not from one specific religion.

I don’t write about the who’s and how’s of the creatures I paint or who they are. Because about angels, saints, historical, biblical, legendary or mythical creatures are too many stories and very different from each other. Angels seem to be not from here, so you can even call them E.T.’s Extra Terrestrials. 😉

We all have our own perception and beliefs. That’s not what I’m offering here. Also this is not a place for discussion about religion.

I am the creator of icons, paintings and products. And to me it’s all up to you or anyone else what meaning you give to the icon. I do wish it works well for you, whatever it means to you.

Eleousa 1 - Mother of Tenderness - the first icon I painted and gave to my sister (now in Monster - The Netherlands)
Eleousa 1
Anna - the mother of Maria, holding Maria- the mother of Jesus - in her arms. Made this for my mother. (now in Den Haag - Netherlands)
Anna & Maria (the mother)
Eleousa 2 - Mother of Tenderness - the second icon I painted and gave to a friend, who gave it a Croation priest when he went back to his home country (now in Croatia)
Eleousa 2
The tryptich is made of 3 icons - sold it to a friend. (now in Voorschoten)
All in one: Archangel Michael, Maria Magdalena, Archangel Gabriel
Achangel Michael in total length and original background colors
Archangel Michael 2
Maria Magdalena 1 original size and background colours
Maria Magdalena 1
Achangel Gabriel in total length and original background colors
Achangel Gabriel 2
Achangel Michael 1 - made for my dear daughter (now in Den Haag - Netherlands)
Archangel Michael 1
Achangel Gabriel 1 - sold to a friend (now in Den Haag - Netherlands)
Archangel Gabriel 1
Achangel Uriel 1 - made for my niece (now in Den Haag - Netherlands)
Archangel Uriel 1
Achangel Raphael 1 - made for my nephew (now in Den Haag - Netherlands)
Archangel Raphael & Tobias
Saint Sofia (wisdom) and her daughter Hope, Faith and Love - sold to someone who admired my work (now in Bussum - Netherlands)
Saint Sofia & her 3 daughters
Anastasi (Resurrection) of Christ (Eastern icon) (now at home)
Resurrection (Anastasi) of Christ
Pantocrator (Creator of All There Is) Christ
Pantocrator 1 – Christ
Mother Of The Sign - first icon I made using acryl paint (now in Den Haag - Netherlands)
Mother Of The Sign
Two Archangels On Pieces Of Wood - work in progress
Two Archangels on fresh wood