Archangel Gabriel 1

Roel kocht de aartsengel Gabriël, de tweede engel die ik maakte. Een icoon die mij dierbaar is, evenals Roel zelf. Al vele jaren.

This Michael was the second archangel I painted and I was happy with the result. Especially the faces take a lot of time and concentration. Layer over layer to get the smooth skin. And of course the expression of the eyes. Angels are a kind of present but not too close at the same time. So not necessary to look into their eyes. Or have them look at you. A silent awareness.

Michael and Gabriel are often seen together and, before I knew I was going to sell them, I made this one at the same time as my first Michael. So you can see that their background has the same style. Also their wings. The wings are painted gold, than over painted with darkblue. Finally I’ve used a sharp piece of metal to scratch the paint away and have the gold show up again. It’s a way to get very small lines, impossible to get the same effect when you paint it. Especially with shining paints like gold or silver.

Some years ago on a summer day I brought my first Archangel Gabriel to the man who had bought the icon. And after he moved he sent me the photo of the angel at his new home.

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