About me

Since I was very young I was drawing a lot and heard that I had the talent for it. Drawing human faces and bodies is a big challenge to me and I like it a lot. I’ve been drawing portrets of friends while we sat and talked. And from when I started to see Greek icons I knew I wanted to learn that someday.

I’ve noticed that my icons move people, when they see them. Also people who say they are not religious at all. I like that. They have an effect, even when people have no idea who the figure on the icon or what the story is. I don’t mind about that very much either. I care about the expression of the face and like it when it touches, moves or gives comfort.

For a while I was hindered by the thought that I could only give my work to a limited number of people, because icon painting is a slow craft, so I can’t make that many. Until I came up with the idea of making cards. I immediately started working and now there are icon cards, which can be ordered online. My mission is to make my icons available to a lot of people, because I keep hearing that they ‘DO GOOD’.

What preceded before this mission

Many years ago I came to Greece for the first time, where I immediately felt at home and where, when I’m not there, I always long a little. Then, over the past 40 years, I have traversed the country from South to North and from East to West. Alone, with family and with friends. I’ve spent a few years of my life there. And now I speak, sing, cook and dance fairly Greek. And preferably all at once. I experienced the most joyful times and experienced intense sadness there. I love mythology and have experienced a share of Greek tragedy myself.

During my wanderings, I found the most beautiful icons on remote mountain tops in tiny churches, where a light was almost always on. Sometimes the icons were weathered and not even pretty, but they radiated something. Something sweet, but often also something sad. Or gloomy, snarky or stern.

In 2010 I made my first icon and soon after I took my first lessons and learned the craft. And made another one and one more. And never stopped. Again and again I experience that this quiet form of painting works makes me feel good. One day someone asked me if my icons were for sale and I said “Yes”. In the process I develop my own style and create sweet, friendly icons that make people feel good.

In 1992 zwierf ik 5 maanden rond op de eilanden, met name de cycladen en Kreta. Ik woonde 5 weken op Gavdos op het strand onder een boom. Gavdos is een steen in zee en de zuidelijkste punt van Griekenland en Europa, waar niets groeit en bijzonder weinig te beleven is. Heerlijk!
On this website I share pictures and stories in blogs and vlogs about (the history of) icons, made by others or by myself. Every icon has a story.

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