Who Doesn’t Want An Iconic Present?

What about an Archangel for Mothersday?

Let’s make one for YOU!!!

After 10 years of painting and selling original icons and getting great response on every piece I made, I felt the burning desire to make my art available for more people. So last year I started to SELL them on CARDS.

People do appreciate my work so much, but ONLY ONE person can have that one original piece at home. And that’s why I’m opening more SHOPS with more choices to create.

You can find it all here on YOUR ICON (in Dutch: Jouw Icoon)

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An icon, in Eastern Christian tradition, is a representation of sacred personages or events in mural painting, mosaic, or wood. After the Iconoclastic Controversy of the 8th–9th century, which disputed the religious function and meaning of icons, the Eastern Orthodox Church formulated the doctrinal basis for their veneration: since God assumed material form in the person of Jesus Christ, he could be represented in pictures. Icons are considered an essential part of the church and are given special liturgical veneration.

They serve as mediums of instruction for the uneducated faithful through the iconostasis, a screen shielding the altar, covered with icons depicting scenes from the New Testament, church feasts, and popular saints. In the classical Byzantine and Orthodox tradition, iconography is not a realistic but a symbolical art, and its function is to express in line and colour the theological teaching of the church.


Original craft icons, cards and more

Original icons

People with icons

Terwijl ik rond zwierf door Griekenland belandde ik in kerken en kerkjes van uiteenlopend formaat. Zo ontdekte ik iconen aan de wanden en werd er op de één of andere manier door geraakt.

Icons are everywhere

When I was 18 years old I set foot on Greek soil for the first time and felt immediately at home. In spite of the heat, the noise and not knowing the language, I strolled through the streets or mountains with such ease.

While en route I ended up in churches of different size. The church doors were always open and inside it was cool. In addition the lovely smell of insence and fresh basil came from these open doors. And sometimes the lure of polyphony (polyphonic singing). That’s how I discovered icons on the walls and was somehow touched by them. And then somehow I already knew that one day I was going to paint icons myself.

Photo: Monastiraki – Plaka – The old centre of Athens at the foot of the Acropolis

I spent hours watching the icons and frescoes in churches. The quality and the material used were so different from each other. The ‘craziest’ icon seemed good enough to give any holy figure a place in the church.

And you don’t just see icons in the church, but you see them everywhere. In the bus, the taxi, the living room and even, once our landlady in Chios had hang icons in the stable near the donkey. You can buy them anywhere; in the church, but also in the kiosk they are among the lighters, tissues and chewing gum. The cheap house-, garden- and kitchen-icons are glued to pieces of wood, plastic, metal and of course now also to dashboard- and refrigerator magnets. There are many kitsch versions of icons and it seems like everyone has them. Also, on many street corners, even on the most remote peaks and river valleys, there are small chapels with icons.

My icons adorn walls at home and abroad

Voor mijn moeder heb ik de icoon van Anna gemaakt. Anna is de moeder van Maria. Op de icoon zie je Anna in een donkerblauw kleed, met in haar armen Maria, de moeder van Jezus, in het wit.

In The Hague

In Bath

Elia Stephanidou is mijn dierbare vriendin op Cyprus. Wij ontmoetten elkaar in Athene tijdens EFT training en ik was te gast in haar appartement in Limassol. Toen ik mijn enkel brak nam ze me in huis en verzorgde me. Net voor kerstmis 2017 bracht ik haar de Maria Magdalena icoon.

In Limassol

Roel kocht de aartsengel Gabriël, de tweede engel die ik maakte. Een icoon die mij dierbaar is, evenals Roel zelf. Al vele jaren.

In The Hague

Frank is een religieus man en als het aan hem ligt wordt iedere icoon, die ik maak, gewijd in een byzantijnse eredienst. Hij kocht mijn drieluik, die we samen in de Bulgaarse kerk in Den Haag brachten voor een uitgebreide wijding. Het was de moeite waard.

In Voorschoten

Artistic feeling combined with a quiet, restrained nature can be called the best condition for the development of mental faculties. With this feeling one penetrates through the surface of things into the secrets of their being.

Rudolf Steiner